Hiya there! .. nice to meet you.

I’m Peter London, the founder, writer and chief editor at BeverageQuarters.com

Peter London element fill

My social media presence might not be the liveliest, but…. not to worry, I’ll resume posting sometime in the near future. 🙂

I consider myself a budding tea enthusiast but my day-to-day involves accounting for a marine transportation company.

You might know me personally, from work or college but hey .. this is what I’m doing with my life now and I’m excited to share this new project I’m working on.

I’ll be regularly adding new stuff so if you’re a tea enthusiast, I’ll be featuring unique tea reviews and recommendations to expand your tea horizons.

I’m a tea guy, unapologetically. I really have nothing against coffee though, it’s just that coffee has never been my cup of tea.

sipping bigelow french vanilla at work element fill cropped
Sipping Bigelow French Vanilla at work

For many many years, tea has been and still is my breakfast beverage of choice, my go-to has always been the Lipton black tea with a couple spoons of full cream powdered milk and one spoon of Demerara sugar.

What I’m hoping to achieve with Beverage Quarters?

  • To showcase every aspect of tea.

Also, I’d like to embark on numerous tea excursions across the world while experiencing the tea culture from various regions.

I will be documenting and presenting my tea travelogues and experiences for all who may find it interesting.

There are a lot of hidden gems out there that I intend to discover and I’m gonna taste all the tea that the World has to offer.

For a world that’s constantly filled with problems, a calming cup of tea can help you focus on what truly matters.

This is what the website BeverageQuarters.com is all about.

Stay tuned!